Avoiding fake second chance offers.

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Fake second chance offers  are often made to 'losing bidders' after an auction, usually for higher priced items, and they will arrive via email and claim to come from the seller  via ebay. A few simple tests will help you avoid fake offers.

  • Every genuine second chance offer has its own unique eBay item No., even if the seller makes a number of second chance offers, each will have a uniquely  DIFFERENT  number from the original item No. you placed your bid on..


  • The item No. can be typed into the search box and the item will appear as a 'Buy it Now' with your losing under bid as the price the item is offered at.


  • If you do 'Buy it Now' do not pay immediately, instead, click on the 'MY EBAY'  tab at top right of the screen, the item should appear as an 'Item Won' in your 'My eBay' summary under 'Items Won'. If it does not - DO NOT PAY FOR IT.


  • Any item that requires you to answer by email if you wish to buy the item will not be a genuine second chance offer and you should not answer the email but forward it to eBay security centre.


Nobody really likes paying eBay and Paypal fees, for this reason the FAKERS, CHEATERS & SCAMMERS rely on buyers eagerness to avoid paying fees to deprive them of the protections that eBay and Paypal offer in return for those fees,  SCAMMERS can make you unbelievably good offers because they NEVER live up to the promises they make. They just DO NOT DELIVER and you probably have no way to get you money back

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