Awful Ebayer

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Dealsonyourside have a brilliant feedback score and products at amazingly discounted prices.

I cannot for the life of me understand why they have such a good feedback score, unless the terrible service I experienced is a solitary incident which they refuse to acknowledge.

I purchased from them a monitor, not described as broken although the picture did raise some suspicions. Regardless of this I purchased the item anyway as even in the event of the monitor being broken at the low price I figured the components I could salvage would be worth the cost.

Dealsonyourside2007 contacted me 3 days after the grievance period ended, ensuring that they could get away with their shady dealings. The message advised that the item was broken as clearly described (absolutely NOT the case) and asked how I wished to proceed. Naturally, I advised that a full refund would be preferable but failing that I would like to receive the item I paid for.

That was the last time I heard from them despite several emails on my part and nor have I received the item or a refund. If this was a solitary incident of bad service they certainly haven't appeased matters by choosing to ignore me and essentially stealing my money.

The low prices and good feedback certainly are attractive to potential buyers, however the important stuff is what comes after winning an item and on this part dealsonyourside2007 fail miserably. Even if this is a solitary incident, they have made no attempt to rectify matters so be aware that it could be you next time, out of pocket and not even receiving your faulty goods!!
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