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I won the bid on a renault espace for £400, i badly needed a car but had no reply from seller at all. i finaly tracked the car down through the photos as i live in the same town and there were only 2 or 3 areas with that style of house. i looked it over and it looked ok some scratches and dents but not too bad .The seller came out and i introduced myself, he appologised for no comunication and said that it was through a mates computer...ok fare enough. he then showed me round appologising for the lack of description and that his mate wrote it...then he started god it was like a tank,,oh yeah he said they all sound like this..there was more than one hole in the exhaust,probably manafold and middle box and there was oil dripping from the sump. he said it was ok for me to leave it and that he wouldnt leave bad feed back, i thanked him and he said he would probably banger race it or put it back in again for the 4th or 5th time.. i then found bad feed back. i admit i did win it. should i have payed for it? he said it was ok? im left feeling disapointed and confused.. and i wonder who else left it and got bad feed back...this isnt my bread and water.. i like bargains and when i sell somthing its normaly because its to good to throw out or i dont want or need it anymore ,not buy to sell on, so no missconceptions.. im glad i got that off my chest..poo to you collade
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