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We bought the system which comprised of 2 packs of 24 reusable nappies, size 1 and 2, 4 newborn nappy covers and 3 of sizes small, medium and large all with its own rucksack. The literature included with the system stated that anything that had been opened and used could not be refunded. Taking heed of this warning we opened 1 pack of 24 reusable nappies and the 4 newborn covers safe in the knowledge that if it dident work we could take the rest (which remained neatly packed in its polythene covers) back to the shop and get a refund. Not a full refund you understand but a refund for the parts we had not used. This I felt was reasonable until after trying the nappies (which were woefully sub-standard) we took the rest back to the shop only to be told that because it had been sold as part of a unit we were not entitled to any form of refund. I pointed out the accompanying panphlet which said we could be refunded but in a glorious 'computer sez no' manner she was unyielding. We therefore spent around 170 quid on afew clothes to clean the car!!!!!! The moral of this story is never trust what you read and always ask if there is a sample available first, with bambinomio there is a trial pack which we were not told about in the shop because I would never have purchased any other bambinomio product after trying the sample. Besides which how environmentally friendly can it be if the washing machine is constantly on!!
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