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I felt compelled to right a guide on purchasing this popular boot as having recently purchased (a genuine) pair of Deckers UGG Australia Cardy Boots on Ebay myself (And I am as 100% sure that they are genuine as I can be) I realised just how many people are being ripped off and paying huge amounts for fakes! In some cases £70 or £80 or more, the real boots retail at around £110-£130 so if there is any question in your mind, unless you actually want fakes please think twice, its madness to pay so much money for fakes... and you are lining the pockets of scammers and allowing them to continue to trade!

Im no expert, but I am a very careful buyer and if I can prevent just one person wasting their time and money on these scam sellers, well then this is worth writing...

There are obvious fakes being sold but having studied the actual Ugg Australia website I am now aware of what to look for in this particular style of boot. If you want to, take a look yourself, I STRONGLY suggest you do so before buying, although I am unable to post the actual link due to ebay rules, any internet search engine should lead you to the genuine boots. These are the ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC Ugg Australia boots on their actual website ..You can click and see a 360 degree view and look in detail at the boot, this ensures you are 100% aware of what they should look like...before you come back to ebay and place your bids... I believe this will help you spot a fake quickly.. just in case though, below are a few simple checks you can do before making your purchase...

I really would urge you, when buying from an ebay seller, to follow these simple steps to protect yourself from being ripped off and ending up with a fake, not all sellers are rip-off merchants, there are genuine bargains to be had its just a case of spotting the bad ones, and these quick and simple checks will help ensure you are getting a bargain, not a second class fake ...

1. Take a good look at the boot and compare it to the picure on the Genuine Ugg website..
Look at the sole, the buttons, the label on the back, the grips, anything really that the seller has put pictures of. Compare the boots closely and carefully! And look for pics taken in someones home, lots of pics, at least 3 or 4 showing detail, they should not be copies from a website, anyone can copy a 'genuine' picture onto their item, an easy way to spot copy pics is that there probably wont be any background, or you will see its an exact copy of the pic on the Ugg Australia website, dont trust these sellers! If they have a genuine pair why would they need to use someone elses picture?
  • On some of the more obvious fakes the sole of the boot is the wrong colour, but also look closely at the button hole stitching (quite distinctive on this type of boot) it will look lighter on fakes than on the real Uggs and not quite as neat so you will see more of the stitching around the edge of where the buttons are.
  • Look at the colour of the buttons, on this type of Ugg the buttons differ depending on the colour of the boot, but they shouldnt look black or plastic as the actual Ugg buttons are more wooden looking, they will be dark brown on brown, greyish on grey, lighter brown on catch my drift!
  • The soles should have a distinctive zig zag imprint on them with Ugg written about halfway down the boot, again the actual sole on the genuine boot can be viewed as per my above suggestion on the Ugg Autralia website.
  • And look at the label on the heel very closely, there might not be much difference but on the genuine Ugg boots the stitching on the label, the criss cross pattern around the edge and the 'Ugg' logo will look well stitched, and its very fine stitching, compare the label on the ebay item boot (there should ALWAYS be a pic of this in my opinion, ask yourself, if they are genuine, why wouldn't you put this pic on your listing?). I know I am repeating myself but again you can zoom in on the actual label on the Ugg Autralia website so its easy to compare and to spot a fake or copy.

2. Look at the shape of the boot and the look of the wool/cable knit pattern
  • The shape of the toe is a dead give away, the real boots have a distincly rounded toe, it looks almost like the shape of a wellington boot in the toe area, the fakes are more of a sloped flat fronted boot so the toe part looks flat rather than rounded.
  • The wool/cable knit on genuine cardy boots should look of excellent quality, again please compare the boot from the Ugg Australia website, its not so easy to spot from my explanation but when you compare the real thing to a picture of a fake on e-bay its really easy to see the difference! The knit looks thicker, less expensive really, and of poorer quality...
3. Contact the seller, ask these obvious and simple questions...
  •  'Are these genuine Ugg Australia Cardy boots and where did you purchase them from/why are you selling them?'
  • Also ask 'Where are they made, and do the care leaflet and certificate come with the boot?'.
Any genuine seller should come back to you QUICKLY and confirm answers to all of these questions and they should be happy to do so,  once they have e-mailed you to state they are selling the 'Genuine Ugg Australia' boots and given you the other answers your after, especially if they are willing to answer where they bought the boots from and why they are selling, (if a buyer is honest and says they order from the U.S or overseas to sell on then its probably a genuine answer, if the buyer bought them and no longer wants them its a genuine answer in most cases), there should be no reason at all why a seller would be reluctant to give you this info honestly and plainly.

Once you have their reply you can be a little more sure that the boots are cant be 100%... but it helps, if you dont get a response ask yourself why!? There should be no reason why a seller who is selling an actual genuine pair of the boots would not easily be willing and able to answer all of these questions before you hand over what is likely to be a fair bit of cash to them. I personally would not buy the boots if there is any doubt over any of these questions...and especially if the seller doesnt respond to you at all, give them 48 hours if you can...there is no need to rush into buying a pair of these, there are loads for sale so watch an item for a while and ask the questions before you place your bid...(its always useful to read feedback aswell as buyers are usually only to happy to report fakes, keep in mind though that feedback scams go on as well so dont just assume because the feedback is good that the boots are real Uggs)
    4. Is the seller selling multiple pairs of boots in various sizes? (As a guide any more than one or two pairs is probably a warning sign, 5 or more in various sizes should ring alarm bells!)
  • If the answer is yes, again these are probably fakes, the reason I say this is that real Uggs are not 'easy' or 'cheap' to get hold of, unless its an unwanted gift or something why would a seller go out and pay for loads of pairs of these boots at £60/£70/£80 a time and then sell them sometimes at a loss? (they couldnt get genuine Uggs for less than these sort of prices, as I said, you cant buy a cheap 'joblot' of genuine Uggs, its hard enough to find them in stock in alot of massive chain retail stores so why would someone on ebay suddenly be able to find a 'joblot'!?, even if they are buying from abroad, say USA, which alot of genuine sellers of this item do they wouldnt have been cheaper than £60 for the seller so why would they list them with a starting bid that is alot lower and why would they sell them alot of the time at a loss!!?)
    If you follow the above tips before making your purchase it should help ensure that you dont get ripped off...I stress, please be wouldnt go upto a dodgy market stall and hand over £80 of hard-earned cash for a pair of fakes (not if your half sensible anyway) so why purchase them blindly from anywhere else!?

    Do your research and just be careful, I know its enticing to think your getting a bargain, and in an ideal world you will get the genuine article at a great price, but please follow the simple points above and protect yourself and your cash! Theres nothing wrong with buying fakes, if you know they are fakes are you are paying 'fake' prices...but dont be fooled into paying out lots of cash for fake copy boots....if you have already bid or if you think you have found a seller who is selling fakes report them! E-bay have to take this kind of thing seriously as Ugg Australia is a trademark and should not be used unless the item is genuine. If you dont know how to report someone go to the help section on ebay and it will tell you there.
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