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Hi, this is only a few comments about becoming successful on ebay but hopefully it will get you thinking.
In theoretical terms, it is extremely easy to make money on ebay. The only thing you need is time and effort. It is not something that you can make a success of by spending 5 minutes a day. You need to be prepared for the long haul and countless nagging from those around you who want some more of your time.
The best piece of advice is try and find something that you are interested in selling. The more you are interested in it, the more you will already know and the more you will be happy to learn in future. Knowing about what you are selling makes things a hell of a lot easier. You can answer questions quickly and without any hassle and hopefully a lot more accurately. Being interested in what you are selling will help you find products to sell easier and for better value. Look at others on ebay selling the same thing and look at their feedback etc. You can use a website called goofbay to check out their sales etc. Ebay pulse also provides you with top keywords for each category which can help you target your market.
Once you have a product to sell, design a nice looking advert by using html in your item description instead of standard text. There are plenty of places out there to get free ebay templates and these will definitely help sell your product as they make your advert look more professional and more pleasing to the eye. The better it looks the more likely a customer will feel good about buying your product. Try and include a freebie if you can. People love free stuff whether its amazing or not and it can easily swing a sale for you.
Describe your product as best and as simply as you can. Although you may think it sounds simple, there are others out there who will not, especially with the available foreign markets/customers etc so its always best to make it easy to understand.
Finally, answering questions quickly and accurately, sending items out quickly, sending emails quickly and leaving feedback quickly all go towards helping your sales increase. People appreciate a quick transaction and its always enjoyable to receive an item quicker than you expected. A positive shopping experience will always bring about good feedback which in turn gives you a higher rating and all that goes with it.
At the end of the day, as with anything in this world, the more effort you put into it, the more reward you will get out of it - unless you're just damn lucky...and I don't believe in luck......
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