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I am having to up date what I have previously written, as experience with U.S sellers, and other Brits grows!

Please note, this is not intended for the expert! Also, due to the fact that you can only review CD & DVD purchases, and my pc will not allow links to pages to be inserted. I have to advise by mention of name only...Sorry!

As mentioned previously, for the Brits, please do look at the following sellers. short-paws (for vintage dolls house items, Lunby, Barton etc), superb & trusted seller & lovely lady! jamnatmat (exquisit hand made items, fairys, fairy houses, dog kennels, bird nests...the list goes on)< MUST SEE ITEMS!!! dettas-darling-dolls (look & see the most unusual items you will find!!!!Witches, Vampires, Turin Shroud!!!!) LOOK!!! flea567 has also been mentioned before ( Fabulous sense of humour! Read some of her descriptions! Beautiful 1.12 & 1.24 scale pets & wild life) all hand made by SUPER LADY!

Recently, and needing a mention (on the Brit side) are jonboy199. He makes THE most perfect 1.12 & 1.24 items, he takes  his time over these items, and it shows!!! If he does not have anything listed just now, keep looking...WELL WORTH IT! Another seller to take a look at would be dean-annie, just look at her feedback! Do check the web site also, MUCH MORE!

The American sellers MUST have a good mention here, if you have not looked at any of these individuals shops, you are missing out BIG TIME! Well Recommended are, summersggw, Vintage & unusual items! Be Ready To Resist Or Have A Good Over Draft!!! WOW!

Also look at proffessordebbie for some of the most stunning little (and I mean little) items, Vintage hand made & highly collectable!!! Please don`t ask how my over draft is doing....Heck (do you think I can call this buying REASEARCH, and get away with it?). In fact that is the problem, I am finding far too many SUPERB sellers out there!!! Well the final U.S seller I MUST RECOMMEND for a look is gingerhous1948....OH BOY! I recently purchased 4 Grecon dolls from her! She has both Vintage, and ANTIQUE dolls house miniatures! No, don`t look unless you have plenty to spend, IRRESISTIBLE!!!

Some of these items are REAL ONE OFF, HIGHLY COLLECTABLE, and costly...For the serious! Others, for ANY budget...The problem is in the fact that it is so hard to STOP! HELP!!!

Please try going to have a look at some of these sellers items first, before clicking wether this was of help or not! ALL these sellers are trustworthy/Honest & reliable, and so come Highly Recommended!

DO YOU HAVE ANY TO ADD? It is such a shame we can`t review these items, this is the only way of letting others know!

I do hope you go and check these folks out, BOTH U.K & U.S.A!

All the very best....Happy looking (hope you can restrain yourself better than me)!


Alison & boys!

NOTE. To find these sellers, click advanced search, you will find to the left hand side that you can click on 'find items by seller' enter the sellers ID (as given above), then press search & get the exact match/& go view the goodies!!!

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