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99.9% of these systems do not work, they may work for a week or two but overall they are a con, the only way to buy a system is to look in the racing post, in the racing post all the tipsters/ systems are proofed everyday, a lot on ebay say they advertise in the racing post but in fact they do not, buy the paper or ring them up and ask if a tipster or system proofs to them, that is the only way you will find out the truth and 99.9% of them do not advertise anywhere apart from ebay.

Non of these systems/ tipsters would be allowed to sell there rubbish in any publication in the uk, for instance to advertise in the racing post the post have to try the system and see it is profitable before they would even consider letting these con men advertise, that is why they do not even try to advertise anywhere else apart from on here.

Why have they got lots of good feedback ?  if you pay £1, £5, £10 then its a small price to pay for good feedback, the systems can work for a couple of weeks but you will lose all your money if you carry on.

One of the systems that work in the short term is a stop at a winner system sold on ebay, you place say £5 on the first favourite in the first race, that loses you then place £10 on the favourite in the second race that loses , you then place £15 on the favourite in the third race that wins and you win your £5, these systems work in the short term but many days no favourite wins at all and that is when you go skint because you need a couple of thousand pounds to win your £5. try it yourself you will think you have found the pot of gold but in reality it does not work.

You are buying these systems that the only place they can con ordinary people is on here.


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