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hi guys, i have decided to write this guide, as i am a complete "g star fanatic, perhaps even borderline obsessive! now lets be clear, my entire wardrobe is G Star. My jackets, my jeans and my tshirts and belts and hats. EVERYTHING. i "never" buy g star from ebay, want to know why................................coz 90% of the stuff (if not more) is fake.

i get my gstar clothes from reputable and official stockist. i.e... republic, USC,, and you should too. when it comes to g star on ebay if it sounds too good to be true.... IT IS!

G Star dont actually have that many different styles of the clothes out from their respective collections wether it be winter or summer etc... so do a bit of research on official stockist to get to know whats out at the moment. this will help you spot fakes.

now the jeans! god this makes me laugh... i have yet to see an authentic pair of g star jeans on ebay. i swear. they are all terrible terrible fakes. think about it. what "seller" in their right mind is going to sell a pair of £ 90+ jeans for £25-£30. ill tell you. NONE

would you? course you wouldnt. these guys know theyre fakes. i dont care if they say they didnt and even offer you a refund. they know! g star are amongst the highest quality jeans available. you get what you pay for. so if you dont want to pay the money that real jeans cost and you dont want fakes. tough! you aint getting a pair of real g stars. if you fancy riskin 30 quid on a pair from ebay! fine. but youll look like a plonker swaggering about in a pair of fake jeans that everyone will know are fakes. so please beware. and its worth saying iam not writing this guide to get up anyones nose. i want to help. dont let these bast*rds win. lets get rid of them from ebay once and for all.

now tshirts are different. you "occasionally may get" a real tshirt on ebay. most of the time though it will be listed as used. so always stick this into the preferences as this will lower the results and give you a better chance of picking up a real tshirt. if you a seller selling the same t shirt but in about 6different colours. stop! g star make tshirts in about 3 or 4 colours at any one time per style.

now again. the key to buying g star from ebay is research! take 5 mins and check out some official g star stockist. google it and take some time to browse the styles out at the moment. 90% of the time if you see a style that isnt on these official stockist. theyll eiher be an old old style or fakes. id chose to wear neither. but hey...thats just me!


safe shopping

F*ck the fakes!!!


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