*BEWARE* Buying ink for inkjet printers

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Well, you've bought some cheap ink on eBay...

...but your printouts don't look good. Have you bought the wrong ink for your cartridge? Possible! But first...
  • With inkjet printers, you cannot use the first cheap paper you find at the supermarket. You should use good paper, weighting at least 90 g/mq. This is very important.
  • After refilling your cartridges, you should do a printheads cleaning cycle (sometimes two) and the printhead alignment.
  • Only inject the right amount of ink. Don't just inject until you see it coming out of the cartridge and then sucking a little bit out. That's particularly not good for tri-color cartridges, 'cause one ink will contaminate the others. Sounds impossible? It's not.
  • Try setting your printer's driver to print with the best quality. Search with Google if you don't know how.
If your printouts are still not good, it's very likely that you bought the wrong ink or the seller has sold you the wrong ink. Example: your printer uses two carts; one black, and one tri-color. The black one contains pigmented ink, and the tri-color contains dye-based ink. If you inject the wrong ink type, be prepared to see bad looking prints or to get the printheads damaged.
Some sellers sell cheap ink saying it is ok for the cartridge n. X, when it's not. These sellers will sell you only the cheapest dye ink they could find.
Before buying, find out which is the right ink type for your cartridges (pigmented or dye). When you're about to buy, if you can't figure out if it's the right type, ASK the seller.
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