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I would like to warn anyone buying items from the USA that whilst 99.9% of American eBayers are great, you will always find the odd one who isnt!  I met this 1% recently!  I won a TINY 8" dolls skirt and hat weighing no more than a large feather at best - and the seller tried to charge me $41 to ship to UK!  She even admitted it seemed rather high (she said she used eBays shipping calculator).  No amount of pleading would make this person lower the shipping charge.  eBay were not supportive, telling me I was obliged to pay the shipping charge as I had committed to the sale by bidding on the item.  However, I DID tell them that the exhorbitant shipping charge WAS NOT stated in the listing either during the bidding stage or during checkout.  Seller seems to feel her buyers should calculate her shipping costs for her even though the buyer doesnt know the exact weight of the items to enable them to do this properly!

Arghhhhh!  I encountered another greedy monster recently! Tried to charge me a whopping $60 for flat rate international! (yes, SIXTY DOLLARS! Thats over FORTY UK POUNDS!!)  to ship a Barbie doll from the USA to the UK. How come everyone else can ship a Barbie doll for less than $8 flat rate! Its disgraceful to say the least. I reported this seller to eBay but nothing has been done about it as usual.  BEWARE!

I compared these shipping costs with other items' shipping charges.  Here is what I found:

a heavy metal edged double Tammy doll trunk/case with dolls & clothes = shipping charge $41!

1 x Barbie type clone doll - actual shipping to UK from USA via Priority USPS just $7!

9 x 10" vinyl dolls via Priority USPS to the UK from USA just $29

How can seller possibly believe sending items as light as a feather cost the same?

I believe this is called "trying it on"! 

Having said all this, I would like to add that I buy a lot of items from the USA and I have found American eBayers in general to be friendly, helpful and REASONABLE with their shipping costs.

So..........  to forewarn....... if buying from USA - find out BEFORE you bid how much seller intends to charge to send item to you!  Sellers are responsible for calculating shipping charges!

Because of this sellers greed and because I wasnt prepared to pay $41 to have her send a $12 dolls skirt and hat to the UK she requested we cancel the transaction.  I therefore lost my eBay win because of the ridiculous shipping charge.  Not good.


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