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Normally when you read a Guide you will think whats the point of these guides?

I used to think so too, after i read my first guide on spotting fake nokia phones life was different. It helped me not get scammed by some sellers still selling on ebay till today ever again and yet still pay VAT charges.

But even the best of the best ebayers can easily fall pray to people selling fakes on ebay as you might buy an item that was sold to an ebayer that was a fake that ebayer a year later then does spring clearing and sell that fake item on ebay back to you.



There is a few people that knowingly sell fakes and there are some that sell fakes without knowing at all i give you the following people id in the next chapter. for you to research and make your own mind up.

Main reason is i am tired of ebay sellers being over powered by fakes sellers that flood the market with fakes then lower price to be competitive but forget they are not offering any compitition in terms of Quality of product as its not worth the paper its wrapped in



The following item 370081444111 sold by ebay seller babe*mordeno is a great example item you would never notice it Until you take a bit of a better look at the item in the coast store and the one for sale by this user shocking how stupid some people think you and i are.

you can see the original item yourself go to coast website and type in Fia dress but hurry cause they change stock frequently

does it shock me that people are doing this? Nope its all about money in the end. for the buyer and for the seller

ebayers -

cocosopra - this is a registered ebay member

babe*moderno - registered in London products similar to that of cocosopra

Cocosopra auctions here

Mordeno auctions

What levels of this is going on?

There is serveral levels of this going on

You will have your fake(cheap imitation) this is a basic copy of the label of an item there is no actually attempt to make the item seem similar to the real deal at all it is basically a Nissan with a BMW label

High quality Fake (Very good Imitation) This is the next level where the differences in product and store are so small at times you may never even notice at all that your using a fake or wearing a copy most people tend to make runny stories about how they work in the factory and have left overs thats a lie if a company makes clothes in china they tend to take all the stock, damaged or not with them from the factory to prevent items being put on ebay.

Original (real mccoy) This is made by a manufacturer with the manufacturers approval and all copies are authenticated by the manufacturers sure they charge alot for them but like any business if you make something people want you tend to want the most for it.

Can you prove this item is Fake?

The Dress is actually a Very simple fake(sold by the ebay user) see the picture bottom is flared and material is actually different to touch and one is simply just a less flared more of a normal skirt style(Authentic coast version ) and to touch the material is very different clearly different

In fact i would say if you bought the coast dress then bought the imitation version you would spot the difference easily but how many of us will actually buy two exact items ever ?

Now i ask you this question why do people sell this item on ebay for combined total of more than its sold for in coast

And another distinct fact is why is their auctions listed as the user is in london when the detail given are out of date read the feedback recieved by this user regarding items posting location Feedback page


Surely i will save money buying a fake

Well not always

Coast item = £85 then shipping cost

Fake item £79.99 + 4.99 Shipping

Now i can walk into a shop and buy for £85 and there is no possibility of embarrasment when a friend of mine has the same dress and they say well mine is real i bought it from the shop and i say i bought mine on ebay and everybody finds out i am wearing a fake item the embarrasment i guess will be priceless


Did you get any one trying to discredit your Guides

Of course all the time i get emails from rude china based sellers my guide has been voted a NO NO by them and they say that i am trying to drive away their market but really for the price items are being sold for i am not doing anything they arent doing

If you sell a fake you have no idea of price of item. i got several emails from a certain ebay seller telling me certain things always between 12am and 6 am (wonder what time china is open)

What can also be seen is that the seller in one case is just getting pictures from magazines and saying its coast dresses and its unfair to the buyers that dont know

I mean if you know its a fake and you buy and pay for it then its up to you and your an individual you make your own mind up

But for the people that buy trusting people to sell them what they say they are selling then thats not fair

Here is a new guide by a "different ebayer" (yeah right) trying to validate the authenticity of fake dresses The Dud review

this review states that coast make dresses in china well out of 100 dresses seen including the ones being sold by the china based sellers i checked none were made in china

Now thats funny cause the fia is being sold from a place where its not being manufactured in at the same price as its being sold in stores LOL some things are funny but i never expected to see the day when fakes on ebay would cost more than real mccoy in the shops

Also the reason i got 6 different "No" on this review is that one ebayer from china with over 6 accounts basically gave me 6 bad reviews babe moreno is actually a china based seller that has done what many sellers of fakes do 

They come to uk or have a mate in the uk they register an ebay account in their name or address then go back to China to trade over the net babe moreno does not ship items from the UK Coast or Karen millen dont sell from China Please do not let people  tell you lies go into the coast karen millen shops check their clothes all not made in China people selling from china wrote a review i ref it as the dud review. see it for yourself i would love to place the email i got from that particular seller here but its better not to as the language used was not for kids lol

People will buy from these people because the clothes are made well and the designs are good but they should tell people its not original coast or KM and my God they should not charge so much for them




Do coast and Karen Millen do business in China

At the moment any one can check that for themselves by just going to the coast or KM website and use the store locator menu all countries that coast or KM do business in will show up you wont believe this but There is none of them with any shops or outlets in China that means you wont get products sold there for an ebayers to buy to sell on ebay

I have had people telling me that KM do make clothes in china i have checked all over the place and this is not what i have seen but people keep saying so.

I will ask anyone that buys an item from ebay go to the shop and check the labels yourself dont just take my information for it

Does Coast or Karen Millen Make clothes in China

Clearly coast and KM are aware of potential for being copied when making clothes in china so as a result around all the 100 dresses surveyed from both stores including Oasis all said made in (for security reasons a contry made in the EU) so an EU country this means if they dont sell them in china how do you have sellers in china selling them ?  Basically here is the situation they do not promote their busienss in that country (fact you can confirm this on their own website)


Last Opinion

It's up to the buyer of an item to buy it the point of these reviews is to help inform the buyers of what they may be buying nothing more if you still choose to buy then its good for you if you dont then at least you got the facts always check your item against what is in store so that you dont get defrauded as if you are sold an item marked coast and its a fake then you have actually been defrauded


Vote! show people trying to stop the information from getting to the people that it is important to you and others 

For all the sellers i am affecting, sorry but you should at least be honest in your auctions. I do love how most fake sellers always write "Authentic" somewhere in their auction lol

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