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If you are looking for a cheap Lacoste Polo shirt that is a 100% genuine and will save you over half the normal retail price, DON'T buy one off ebay!

There are 100s of ebay auctions listed all the time for "genuine" Lacoste polos (many around £15). They will have a picture of the shirt in what seems like a genuine lacoste bag and tag. However i have tried several of these auctions and when the item comes it is always a disapoiuntment. ( Trust me their are no Genuine cheap polos on ebay!!)

Modern day fakes are very good. They will have genuine looking bags with the Lacoste Logo, they will even have convincing tags on them with prices (usually in us $ dollars ) The badges on the shirt are almost identitical. However the material and cut of the shirt will give the game away!! They are usually very flimsey or shiney material, with rough cuts around the collar and very loose and thin stitching. The badge will usually be sewn on a couple of centimeters too low or too high, and the fabric will pill away very quickly after a couple of washes.


So please let this be a warning too you don't bother trying to save yourself £50 with an ebay lacoste polo you will only end up with a cheap imitation and that would be worse than not having a Lacoste Polo at all!!





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