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How to loose £6,345.00..  Do not USe PayPal !!!!!!

 Recently i sold several  hi cost items. They were sold to buyers in europe.  Each item was shippped to the buyer. Some went ground and some went air.  We kept all our reciepts for shipping.  A couple of buyers have claimed the never recieved the items with in 10 days of shipping ground and wanted a refund. after weeks of emails and abuse from buyers  with no parcel arriving we gave them thier refund.  Then we  find out they had recieved the items but had someone else sign for it.  We emailed them to get our money or items. They said they did not sign for it so they do not have it. "They have a refund so get lost".. The post office verified the delivery to the correct address's.. It has been 4 months and we still dont have any money or items They threatend us with court and all sorts of terrible things wanting a refund.   Foriegn Authorities are no help at all.. Ebay and Paypal have been no help.

One buyer wanted to send back the items saying they are not up to his standards. As we take returns we said fine. He sent us a copy of the shipping reciept. On that we sent him his refund. What we got back was not what we shipped out , We got back very cheap item copies you can buy on ebay for £10.00. Again Ebay and Paypal will not help the seller.


 We contacted ebay and paypal. We found them to less than careing or helpfull. They did not care. They were only interested in collecting thier fees. In every case ebay and paypal are uncareing and unhelpful to the seller.  Buyers who opend disputes even after the got refunds from us have had paypal deduct from our account all payments again.  Ebay or Paypal will not listen to anything from us the seller. They just say it is proceedure to protect the buyer. We sent copies of refund reciepts, it did not help. I belive they cannot be trusted. We have lost thousands of pounds

Also beware of buyers who chat in groupes together they will talk to each other telling of what they are doing, and buying from you. then they will all buy from you, Before you know it they will all be contacting you about thier purchases from you wanting refunds . saying they did not get the items or they want to send them back. what you will get is ripped off. 

When we complained to ebay and paypal, All they did was send us a long 5 1/2 page copy of the seller protection rules and guides,  They are so ambiguos they are absolutely useless and the seller is not protected. Even our lawyer has said ebay protection guides make no sense. They could be argued in any way depending on ebay and paypals needs.  we will no longer think it safe to sell out side the UK  only buying on ebay is relatively safe and that is a chance

we have stopped all Ebay direct debits and we are closeing our Paypal  account

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