BEWARE! Internal Power Supplies- Yamaha Samplers A3000

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Like if this guide is helpful

Hope this guide saves someone the time and trouble it's taken me to learn about this.

I'm also sure this won't be the most well read guide but if you have an A3000 and you want to upgrade it this info will be really useful...

Before buying an internal HDD drive for the Yamaha A3000 Sampler, check whether you have a power supply cable in the machine.


Standard PC and mac connectors do not work as Yamaha (A3000 for definate but check your A4K and A5K) and Akai use an unusual 4 pin clip connector.

Certain sellers on ebay, although genuinely trying to help, will confirm their power connectors will work but have a disclaimer that says they take no responsibility for the connectors being compatible.

Unless you are skilled at making your own connector or can manage to piggy back the power supply with the main circuit board power supply you will be stuck in no man's land with a HDD drive that you can't plug in.

Maplin do not have this connector and I've not found this anywhere online other than a rare Akai lead for sale on ebay that looks to be correct.

(Will update this guide when it arrives to confirm whether this works!)

I now know more than I ever wanted to know about HDD internal power cables and SCSI drives... 

The power connector was originally supplied as an accessory with the new boxed item. I guess like many things they were thrown away or lost.

This unit dates from the late 1990's and most people are now using soft samplers. Understandably, with a legacy product,  there is little support around from Yamaha or anywhere else.

Seems a shame as it's a darn good unit!



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