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What do you do when your PayPal account just disappears taking with it your credit card and bank details and if you are really unlucky any money you have logged with them? This has just happened to me. I have had the same PayPal vitrified account for over 5 years paid over 500 transactions with it and now it has just vanished.

When contacting PayPal the best they could come up with was "Open a new account". They made no attempt to locate the missing account and when I did try to open a new account using my credit card and bank details the automatic messaging system says I could not use those details as there are already in use with another account?

Upon contacting PayPal again they said they could not discuss accounts online and if they could not see the account then it does not exist, despite the record I have on eBay showing all the transactions.

It was only by luck I did not have any money logged in the account, that also would have disappeared. Now I have to cancel my credit card and change my bank details to ensure that they are not used. As PayPal take no responsibility to any loss, what they say is "we take every precaution", but should their precautions fail then that’s just bad luck on our part.

Which leaves me wondering where my bank and credit card details are logged that they still show on their system. It also means I will never be able to have a verified account which means I cannot be covered by their lack lustre protection scheme?

I believe PayPal like eBay has got so large that they now make very little attempt to sort out problems arising from us using their service. So what if you don’t use them, there are 10 more to take your place, such is the price we pay for being a regular customer building up their business in order that they can say "you can go now we don’t need you anymore". Reminds you a bit of the British banking system.

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