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Since ebay do not feel it is necessary to adequately warn people of fraudsters that use their service to con honest people of of their goods and money then I feel I have to make an effort to warn people myself...

As you can see I feel quite bitter about what has happened to me. I decided to try and sell something on ebay for the first time - my PSP. I was happy to see that I had a history of about 8 bids or so by the time the auction ran out, and the winning bid was way above my expectations.

The buyer contacted me immediatley which apperared to be someone from the US and asked if I would send it to nigeria to his buisness partners son, and wanted it sent international sign for. I thought fair enough why not and paid extra for the sign for, understanding that when sending something to nigeria it is not always guaranteed to get through.

I then recieved an email from paypal telling me that a payment had been recieved from the buyer and all I had to do was send off the shipment tracking number and the payment would then be confirmed. So I sent it off and got the shipping tracking number. Of course soon after I discovered that the emails that were from paypal were FAKE and it was part of a SCAM. The paypal emails looked completely genuine.

There is no way of even talking to anyone from ebay about this problem because they have no customer service number and when reporting by email all you EVER get is an automated reply.

It is DISGUSTING that ebay do not warn their own customers about these scams. The first thing you should see when you log on the website is a massive warning sign to explain the different ways that the fraudsters can get you...

The history of bids on my item shows that I could have got a great price for the package I was offering, and instead I have nothing and I have lost my possesions worth HUNDREDS of pounds, I am not entitled to any compensation, and there is NOTHING I can do about it - I can't even talk about what happened to somebody from ebay.

I would advise everyone to extremely vigilant with absolutley anyone that they come across on ebay, or even better dont bother using the service at all. Go and buy something from a shop instead and save yourself all the bitterness, grief, and hassle that the fraudsters create.

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