BEWARE OF ADDED VAT Make sure you read the Terms etc.

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Check if VAT is Extra before bidding ..ALWAYS READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS FIRST.!!!!!

TO begin with,it seems the really obvious thing to do.Read the SMALL Print ,...but who actually does ? You check the Postage usually,and thats it ?  WRONG !!!!  .Having bought dozens of items on Ebay and  almost as many from Ebay Stores  and never  having experienced this problem before,I was hit twice in the same day. I was going through Paypal before I noticed that there appeared to be an addition to the final price...and .there was....there was Added  VAT !!! To the final bid price and also the post and packing,which was already a hefty £12.50 to begin with.  Then after paying a high postage cost on both items,I realized they were coming from the same place but sold under different names and it was too late to ask for combined postage !!

The Moral of this tale is this(excluding the fact I must be stupid or ,dense,..or was maybe not quite awake when I paid for the items or maybe half asleep when I put a bid on them) this...ALWAYS SCROLL DOWN AND READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE BIDDING. Seems the most logical thing to do anyway,but you do get lulled into a false sense of security when dealing with normal Ebayers who are simply selling their unwanted goodies or buying  from an Ebay watch out for" Diamond Zone "for one instance because you WILL be charged VAT on everything,which means that your bargain is  perhaps not such a good bargain after all ..... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!!

Another problem is the Postage costs when buying from China,which eveyone will have no doubt have already noted. AH. Yes....but has anyone ever noticed the variance on the same items ? For instance,at the moment on sale .there are several Sets of "High Quality Chinese Armour,complete with sword,Bow,Helmet etc"....( .Everyones  ESSENTIAL piece of Kit and "must have "this Season )......BUT......check out the postage for the same item from the same area..... which varies from £280 to as much as £500 ... a  MEAGRE.. £220 difference !!!!!

So there you are folks save you having to utter Anglo Saxon Expletives and VERY rude words when you receive your Invoice .... .....................



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