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There are alot of sellers on ebay offering great looking lingerie for very small prices but be warned the quality isn't great especially cheap corsets. I think on here you really get what you pay for with regards to lingerie. The sizes on cheaper mass produced lingerie on often much smaller than stated especially if your a 16+, particulary when sizes are done in dress sizes not bra sizes. I definately think it's worth paying extra for lingerie if you want it to last more than one wear. I've purchased off a couple of sellers and one of them was faulty and the other the unwired cups were far too small and for my dress size I don't have a huge bust. The fantastic looking lingerie at fantastic prices are nothing but mass produced poor quality and badly sized. If you want something that will last and look great it's better to spend a few extra pounds or alternatively check out some of the sellers in hong kong and china they often do custom pieces which are of the quality you would find in a fashion retail store, afterall the clothes in your local fashion retail stores are usually made in these countries.

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from mrs linton384
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