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Hi, my friend recently bought a sony psp from china ,and did not recieve his item.It cost him $196 in total & has heard nothing from the seller!!

Beware of these Ebay Fraud sellers from China  &  Thailand because you will not recieve your items!!!!

This is because in these countries they don't have a strong regulation force,and as the populations are so high, some of the people are not even registered,and therfore are NON-EXISITING,which makes it hard for you to do anything about!!!

What i am trying to say is;

Dont purchase any items from china or Thailand as you will not recieve them,and if it is designer items they will almost certainly be fake imitations !!!!

Either way you are being ripped off!!!

Thanks and please be aware!!!

Please leave a helpful vote,so others can also be notified of these fraudsters.!!!!!

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