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We recently been a victim of un-authorised bidding activities in our auctions, All genuine sellers and buyers be aware of ebay's latest fraud members. Who is hacking hundreds of ebay other members account. Using it to buy or bids on hundreds of items on ebay. This thieves are buying like crasy on ebay and not pay for it. In just two weeks alone we had 4 listing with buy it now, that bought by a hacker or account thieves people. luckily ebay refunded us all our listing, because we reported it to ebay. Also luckily we managed to relist the item without starting the process from the very beggining again, because we use turbo lister and save all our templates on each listings.

My tips to sellers Specially new sellers, Use turbo lister and Save your templates on eash listings. Because when your item will be removed by ebay due to the un-authorised bidding activities. ebay cannot re-list it authomaticaly for you. You have to do it again for yourself. Also another tips is that save your photographs as long you can.

Recent account hackers: are from Germany, Australia, and Wales.

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