BEWARE OF FAKE Taiyo Yuden CD-R / DVD-R Discs

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It is all too common that the customer is not aware what DVD recordable media he/she is actually buying. The brand printed on the disc or the packaging may tell nothing about the manufacturer. Every recordable DVD has a media identifier code, but even that doesn't give you certainty of the product you have purchased. Too often trial and error is needed in order to find good and compatible media.

Fake Taiyo Yuden

The Japanese Taiyo Yuden has been a premium quality optical media manufacturer for years. Unfortunately, some manufacturers are now exploiting the Taiyo Yuden media codes on their lesser quality products. Fake DVD-R discs identified as TYG02 can been seen under various brands. These include, but are not limited to: Hyundai, Budget, BulkPaq, DataWrite, and many others.

So how to be on the safe side of things?

Naturally I haven't tried every single brand on the market, so it is hard to list all the recommended ones. At least it seems that Verbatim DataLifePlus, and Verbatim Pastel products are pretty much a 100% safe choice. The pastel series is (currently) manufactured by the Taiyo Yuden. The manufacturer of DataLifePlus AdvancedAzo varies, but can be identified by looking were is the product made :. Japan should refer to Taiyo Yuden, India should refer to Moser Baer, Singapore to, Mitsubishi Kagaku and China to Mitsubishi or CMC Magnetics. Even though the manufacturer varies, they all have the AdvancedAzo dye and are manufactured by Mitsubishi/Verbatim standards.

Other safe brands include Panasonic and plextor which are made by Taiyo Yuden

(Please note: I do not sell fake media or discs of inferior quality that do not pass strictest quality and compatibility tests)

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