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Owing to small minority of ebays NEW MEMBERS, are fraudters, a Conner. So sellers BEWARE!!! we only said  this because we are always a Victim on this kind of people, We sold  few valueble items and bundles of clothes and some single items from the past and a few weeks ago. we never get paid , we send emails , we even phoned the winning bidders who is mostly New Members. The phone number is not existed. We end up sending a letter in the post asking for payment. and when we get a reply from buyer, they refused to pay for the items as she said she never shop on ebay or our letter was return to us due the person involve is a resident in the address provided. All these case was forward to ebay, and all can ebay is find out first who is your bidders are they a genuine ebay members? But the problem is Fraud members will reply to all your questions. Sellers if you are in doubt ask them your buyers what method of payment their going to use. or ask them when are they going to pay you, if thier bids is successful, ask them to phone you to confirm their address and telephone number.  If they refuse to do this then you ahve think twice to deal with this people.

By the way, few the fraudter member that victimise us are now out of ebay. and also now reported to the police.

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