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I recently saw some great IKEA cutlery on Ebay at £21.99 + £2.50 P& P. I checked out the price on the IKEA website and the same item was £9.99. I queried the price with the seller as I thought a mistake might have been made. Below is her reply - copied and pasted word for word!

no I haven't made a mistake. Anyone can go to Ikea and buy any of the products themselves much cheaper than any of the traders sell them on here. The margin covers 3.4% of the total price (including delivery costs) charged by Paypal, as well as 10% final value selling fee charged by Ebay, together with repeat listing fees. The remaining element covers time and costs of travel to and from Ikea and the post office, the risk of having to buy in bulk, insurance for storing the goods in a domestic property and income tax payable from the profits.
It probably only costs Ikea a couple of dollars to produce them, but that's how it works.
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I do not think that £11 on top of the reatil price -  more than doubling it - is a fair amount to cover these dealers costs ! She/they are ripping off the innocent who think that if it's on Ebay it must be a bargain!

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