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I believe that I am the Victim of Theft by Deception.I purchased a set of Specialist Bike Forks from an ebay seller who described the Forks as "Immaculate and Recently Re-Sprayed" Because of the description and Photos he gave of the Forks on his ebay auction I felt I could Trust Him, and as my Son said they were very hard to find elsewhere I used the Buy it Now Feature with instant payment to secure the Forks.
Upon receiving the forks I was disappointed to find that in fact there was several scratches on them and was disappointed but as my son said he was OK about it I decided to let it go.
I left feedback for seller on ebay to the effect that they were not as described and he took great offence and started abusing me with slanderous remarks and bullying tacticts.
I asked for a partial refund of £30 to settle the dispute but he sent me demands for daily interest on the money paid from me to his paypal account £112 which was frozen due to dispute.
He then asked that I return forks to him and upon HIS inspection if HE found a problem he would give full refund. Postage costs would be down to me.
Obviously this would not be an ideal arrangement for me as by now you can probably guess that I had lost ALL Faith in this person re: his deciept and lies regarding his ebay auction for Forks and so I cancelled complaint with ebay as they seemed to favour sending the Forks back.
2 days later i decided to forget all about this nasty experience and put the Forks on to my sons bike...To MY HORROR I discovered that the Steerer Tube on the Forks had been cut down from Original manufacturers Size and were Completely Useless unless I send to a specialist and have new steerer Tube Fitted at a cost to me of around £20 + Part / Roughly £50 +P&P ..£70 Total Costs to rectify problem.
Upon reflection I realised that the 3 photos he used were not showing the full length of the steerer Tube and NO mention was made in his description that they were CUT Down ..
Ebay Dont care ...He`s Laughing all the way to the bank..and I have a useless set of forks that will cost me at least another £70 to put right..
The Seller is ...daytona_995i           Make your own mind up about this CREEP
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