BEWARE OF fins-feathers-and-furs

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Unfortunatly I am still having to warn buyers about     fins-feathers-and-furs.    A year after buying broken eggs from her she is still trying to ruin my reputation on ebay, and tells other sellers to block me as a buyer, this is a very nasty seller who will sell you eggs which are only fit to scramble and then lies about what you say when you leave negative feedback.

She is the only negative feedback I have ever left, but I was not going to be bullied by her and her lies. She claims that my 100%  feedback is only due to the rule that sellers can not leave negative feedback, most of my feedback was left before ebay changed the rules, and after all if sellers are not happy they dont have to leave any feedback, so this is just more lies. 

The way this seller has behaved is against ebay rules as they had to remove her comment from my site, she is a perfect example of sellers abusing feedback to get there own way, which is why ebay changed the feedback rules for sellers. I see she has sold another ebayer broken items and lied again, this ebayer left a neutral comment, read it for yourself .

 I would stay well clear of this seller and purchase your eggs from more reputable sellers, as I have done since and have not been blocked from buying as she tells people on her guide. I have been breeding chickens for 20 years and fortunatly fins-feathers-and-furs are the only seller I have had problems with, so beware of fins-feathers-and-furs as she is not a reputable seller,

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