BEWARE! Overpriced New Look clothing!

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A number of sellers are selling items from New Look and other shops at considerably higher prices than in the stores.  Without naming names, one particular seller claims that the items are sold out and sought after and sells them above the price found in store.

I am quite fed up of seeing sellers selling items from New Look saying that they are sold out and then going into a New Look store and seeing the item in question half price in the sale.

I can understand people wanting the convenience of eBay, however if an item does seem to cost a lot and a seller is hyping up how rare, exclusive and sought after it is, it probably isn't.  One tactic is to check the New Look website itself, and even better to go into a New Look store and check for the item.

I am not just talking about a difference of £5 here, sellers are selling a dress that is £5 in the sale for £35 plus postage!!!  In my opinion this is ridiculous and in my opinion even if you spent £10 on petrol and parking or bus tickets etc to get to a New Look store you are still saving a considerable amount, especially if you were to buy a few items.

So please, please watch out for these rip-off merchants, do your research.  They like to do it with any item you may have seen in a magzine, that is a limited collection or by Giles Deacon.  In my experience I have rushed out to buy something in New Look that has been in every magazine, on TV and I have still seen it in the sale later.

There are a lot of genuine sellers on eBay who sell nice items from New Look with the best intentions, but please watch out for rip-offs!

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