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I use paypal for buying and selling, and as a buyer I have found them nothing but useless when you have a dispute. They favour the seller every time, always find a get out when you ask for the so called payment protection, they always have an excuse not to pay you.

The legal and binding rules of ebay and paypal are not worth the computer they are written on. Any dispute ebay and paypal will not help.

I have been caught 3 times by paypal , 2 recent ones are Andrew Gordon from Bicester  221.00 for books, never delivered no intention of delivering, only 105.00 refunded by paypal. Next was Alistair McKenzie Jnr from Wokingham 1.00 for a website sold no reserve never delivered, excuse after the ebay legal and binding sale was, sorry bid not high enough not selling. NO REFUND from PAYPAL, NO help from paypal or ebay.

They rip us sellers off for their fees, but give us nothing in return. Still using them at the moment, but only until the new auction site comes to town, they are bigger and better than ebay.



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