BEWARE of FAKE designer bags!!!

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I was browsing the other day on ebay and one listing caught my eye. A Louis Vuitton Mahina L in Biscuit (I've always wanted one but they are out of stock!)  the price was too good to be true so I look at the photographs carefully and thought the first photo was indeed genuine with the receipt next to the bag. Then I look at the other photos and they seem ok and I thought WHAT'S THE CATCH, the bag looks new and the price of this bag retail at £1,760 GBP and yet the seller is only asking auction start bid at £799 or buy it now £1,070.00. I said to myself  "is this my LUCKY day????" so I took a good look at the photographs again and again and again ..... then it hit me.  The first photo was indeed taken of the genuine LV bag but then the second photo was cleverly angled that unless you got a good eye and you know what you are looking you will assume it to be genuine and it goes without saying that the rest of the photographs were taken of the fake bag.  To be sure I went online at LV website and had a good look at the Mahina L in Biscuit minimised the LV screen so that it's right next to the ebay listing for comparison and presto ... my instinct was right, sure enough it's a fake.  Louis Vuitton and Chanel (and few other designer labels) have a very high exacting standards!!! I reported it to ebay but by then someone had bought it buy it now.  I hope whoever bought it will have the sense to take the bag to an LV shop to get it authenticated.  To pay £1,070 for a fake LV is scandalous!!! It breaks my heart to see people being duped to buying fakes and part with their hard earned money thinking they bought the real thing.  Sadly there are so many bad people out there and they don't care, so please please be very careful just because the seller promised to give you a copy of the receipt or even if they give you an original receipt it's never guaranteed that what you bought is authentic.  If you are in doubt it doesn't cost you much to ask someone to verify it for you before you part with your money.  IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT PROBABLY IS. BUT ...Remember, the Devil is in the Details!!! Very recently  I spotted two  listing for a Louis Vuitton Limited Edition IRENE 2009 Runway bag, one was sold for £720 claiming to be genuine and the 2nd was listed as genuine with buy it now for £2000 both were fakes!!! The give away was the bottom of the bag. I've got a genuine Irene so potential buyers please note that the vachetta leather piping does not go all the way round the bottom/base of the bag which the fake one does!!! Also the two dangly tassels are more oval/flattish than round as shown on the fake bags!!!  I have also seen 2 more fake Irene bags and they are scary as they look genuine, then the date code was wrong as they should look like CA...9 (ends with 9 for 2009). Having said that there are a lot of genuine sellers on ebay, and am proud to say I am one of them and as a long as you pay by paypal you are protected if things go wrong. I love Ebay !!!!

Added: 16/08/2010 At last ... just taken delivery of my new Mahina L in Poudre delivered direct from LV France.  I will post some pictures soon and tips on how to spot the fake ones so watch this space!!!

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