BEWARE of Seller - Eastwood2711 - WARNING

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First of all what I am about to explain could apply to any seller so be extra vigilant when paying for your goods.

I recently won an 'Armani' Jacket which was brand new with an RRP of £129.00. I won it from eBay seller EASTWOOD2711. I was lucky enough win it for £5.51 & £6.00 P+P (Sellers standard rate & postage insurance not offered) - A total of £11.51. WHAT A BARGAIN !!!  I then got an invoice for £14.51 which included £3.00 for Postage insurance. - On the listing it said the Postage was £6.00 and no insurance was available. I e-mailed the seller and informed him of this, stating that he cannot  add money onto a closing price to which he replied. "It's still a bargain". So - He basically wasn't happy with the price and was trying to squeeze a few more quid out of me !! THE CHEEK And what's worse he wasn't even hiding the fact. I replied to this telling him I no longer required the coat as I don't deal with conmen and I await a response.

If I am been honest then YES, it still is a bargain but I am not going ahead with the transaction out of principle.

We are now in a stalemate where none of us have left the other any feedback in fear of retaliation. If I give him a Negative, he will do the same to me. This is really the only way in which I can inform others of this seller.

Any eBayer who sells an item can do this, so it is always worth checking before you bid on an item that the invoice they have sent you doesn't have any additional cost to the postage price

Hope this helps.

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