BEWARE of fraudulant sellers like poly-bags-4-u

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Avoid any dealings with poly-bags-4-u as he took great pleasure in cashing both cheques that were mailed to him then demanding a repeat payment 21 days AFTER he'd already cashed the last cheque. He likes to use threats of neg feedback and send false non payment reports to ebay to scare you into  sending another payment so your feedback rating isnt affected or a non payment strike issued against you. So if you've been as unlucky as i have and are having this problem the best way to resolve this issue is to contact the bank as my husband did, explain whats going on and request a copy of the front and back of the cheque along with the signature and proof of who cashed it and what account it went into and in whos name. This can then be photocopied and sent to ebay as proof of payment. Dont give them the chance to file for a non payment strike, get in there first and report them for demanding payment when payment has been sent and cashed.

Avoid this seller at all costs, and go somewhere else. also avoid listings like these

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