BEWARE, used electrical goods

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hi, beware buying used electrical goods on ebay. if u do buy check that the seller offers a return policy, has top feedback, and if at all possible see the item working before u purchase it. i bought a home entertainment system on ebay which was described as superb, subsequently i got my fingers burnt as the dvd plyer and the cd system was broken! cost to repair was more than the item to replace. when tackled about this the seller denied all knowledge of this and said he used it the night b4. the repair shop confirmned it had not worked 4 some time as the laser eyes were covered in a considerable layer of dust. check my feedback about this item and the seller who has now made his feedback private his id is dragon_blade 01 he even threatened to travel to my home address and punch my lights out if i left him neg feedback!! ebay refused to do anything about this as i did not pay with paypal, despite the fact that the seller had other complaints. morale of the story is only buy if u c the item working and be 110% sure about the seller., or u could end up with neg feedback through no fault of your own. feel free to email me for more info on this. good luck with your selling and buying.  

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