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Yes we get excited to find our time listing a item has finally got a bid and look forward to it completion to reap the rewards of our labour. You may not beware of it but i can find out any reserve or price a item is bidded to, this is how it works ( but dont try it because your account will show a bid retraction against you )  I put a item on for £100 auction and a reserve price starting price of £150, bidder one comes in and bids £110, no luck it states , " has not met reserve. Bidder then uses fake ID and bids £200 and all of a sudden he is the highest bidder and his bid price is £150 as reserve has been met. Now fake ID bid of £200 is retracted and bidder one know what the reserve price is for the item. Bidder one can sit back until the final minutes and bid £150.01 and win.

 The object of this mail is just to let you know that when you get a bid retraction suspect a scam is going on. I have had a bid on a 45p item retracted, when i checked the buyer, it stated he had entered the wrong amount which in fact was only the 45p, you would of thought he had entered £45 but oh no, just 45p and ebay lets you do that.

I hope this guide has given you some idea what goes on, at the time of writing i have over 37.000 feedbacks so i feel that my knowledge is worth bearing in mind. If you found this either interesting or usefull please vote below either yes or no , thank you

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