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I absolutely HATE bidding on an item when I have been outbid by a member with LOW or ZERO feedback.

My advice is check the bidder out first before trying to outbid them as it is more often than not the seller shill bidding.

I know weve all got to start from the beginning, but when you see a new member who has been registered for a day bidding the hell out of a £5000 item thats 350 miles from where they live and is cash on collection....REALLY annoys me!

Just be WISE to these fools as eBay is littered with them!

The way I look at it is that if Im being outbid by a zero feedback bidder, then I will not place another bid on that auction as many times Ive ended up with a second chance offer, or found an identicle item a few days later!

I must admit it is funny seeing a seller winning their own auction using a moody account!

Id love to hear your opinions on this subject of not shill bidding, but bidding against low feedback bidders.

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