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Bidding on an item is more exciting then Buy it Now.  You get the buzz if you win a bid but you go on a downer if you don't. But that is the joys of E bay.  I use E bay everyday sometimes for browsing but most of all for buying.  There is sometime when i have to Buy it Now but i love bidding.  I normally bid on the last few seconds giving me a great chance of winning, but i don't win everything.  I also like to place a bid of odd amounts [ £3.78] strange i know. The last thing i put a bid on was an x box 360 game for my son which  i lost which was very disappointing but like i said you win some you lose some. Only bid on things you want. But be careful there are phantom bidders out there who bid on things just to get more for the item.  It would be great if E bay had a bidding day so no one can list a Buy it Now item, now that would be fun.  But please be careful when bidding as you should only enter the amount that you are prepared to pay for the item, i have known people to place a bid win it and then say its not worth that price and refused to pay for it.   Placing a bid is so easy try it, its fun. SO HAPPY BIDDING EVERYONE.


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