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A revolutionize concept?  You are never truly clean until you use water in the cleaning process,
That's the reason why you shower, and clean your hands and face with water and not toilet paper only!
Supplied in a comfortable, practical manner; the water provided by a bidet toilet seat attachments or hand-held bidets will help you get clean right where it's needed the most, So you can pamper yourself and feel clean, comfortable and happy!

Most infectious diseases spread through human contact. Insufficient cleansing of hands after urination or defecation spreads virus.
Bidet reduces chances of such infection and provides increased hygiene as bidet does not need use of your hands.
Some could also touch the anus and genitalia with bare hands after use of toilet and bidet yet, this proves to be more hygienic than toilet paper. Besides, the warm cleaning technique helps women cleanse themselves thoroughly during menstruation, before and after intercourse too.  Bidets help alleviate problems of constipations and associated hemorrhoids.

It is even more beneficial for the Seniors and Disabled, Warm water cleansing of perineum area after relieving or defecating is very efficient at reducing any chances of infection due to presence of bacteria in the area.  Dry toilet paper cannot cleanse your perineum areas effectively and thoroughly. Rather, it spreads bacteria round the year causing urinary tract infections and hemorrhoids.  Regular cleaning of these sensitive areas with dry paper increases irritation. Prolonged usage could cause itching and bleeding.

Also sometimes people found difficult to reach out their hand between their legs to use the tissue paper to clean after going to the toilet, Since they will need to balance on the toilet, adjust their position on the toilet and have good control of your wrist and hands. It may be difficult if, for example, people have a high level amputation, or have a stiff spine.

A bidet toilet seat attachment provides automatic flushing, warm water washing and even warm air drying. They can be operated by a range of controls, including remote controls, elbow, foot or hand operated switches or used as a conventional toilet.
They may assist a person to toilet independently or allow a carer to assist without providing intimate care.

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