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1. PLAYERS: Bought a PHILIPS BDP2500 from ASDA for £77 jan 2010 the PHILIPS BDP3000 ive seen for £99.95

so they are now affordable.

2. REGION CODE`S: BLU RAY A B & C / standard DVD 1 to 6 / i got a code for my player from DVD HACKS and it plays all 6 DVD region`s now / still only a region B BLU RAY

3. BLU RAY disc`s:  Well 1080 HD is all well and good the sound is cappable of 7.1 but many  BLU RAY`S are 5.1 and some have not even been remastered to at least 5.1, also some BLU RAY`S have been released with a 4.3 transfer not a widescreen an excample is the film CAPRICORN ONE i wanted it and was going to buy it on normal DVD region 2 UK but found out it was 4.3 & stereo sound while the region 1 US DVD was widescreen & 5.1 so i bought the region 1 and it was great, so now i have a BLU RAY i was looking to get it on BLU RAY and looked at the region B BLU RAY and saw that it was just an 1080 version of the region 2 UK DVD, my conclusion was why? bring HD films out on a BLU RAY format if it`s anyway poorer than a standard DVD and there`s quite a few poor version BLU RAY`S out there on region B so be awhere and please read the small print on the back of the cover or go on a review site like


In my experience for better EXTRA`S / SOUND / WIDESCREEN TRANSFER & UNCUT STATUS the AMERICAN discs win in most cases, which is unfair on us BRITS , so if you can HACK your BLU RAY player or DVD player you will have more choice

UPDATE: 2nd MARCH 2010

My PHILIPS BDP2500 packed up after 3 weeks, so took it back to ASDA and got my money back as they had no more blu rays, today i went into city and bought a PHILIPS BDP3000 for £109.99 from HMV i have hacked it so its now multi region and i updated filmware by downloading it from PHILIPS website, unzipping file, then copy the inner folder and pasting it on to a usb memory stick and plugging it in the rear of the player then going into system/advanced settings, then uploading the filmware.

I still had problems playing STARSHIP TROOPERS 3 BLU RAY, so i went online and found out that some blu ray discs need extra memory to play ok ( like a playstation game ) so was advised to plug in usb memory stick with 2 gig free and leave in, which i did and the film then played fine without freezing.

I will update if i have any problems, so step 1: hack player with code, step 2:update filmware, step 3: have a spare usb stick 2 gig or higher to leave in the player, u can clear memory through the players menu.

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