BMW Badge Emblem Replacement

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Step 1: Overview of the Task

The Roundel is attached to the car via two spikes that are press-fit into grommets that are themselves press-fit into holes in the hood. To remove the Roundel, it must be pried away from the vehicle and out of those holes.

Step 2: Get the right tool for the job

While some online DIY articles suggested the use of a flat-blade screwdriver to conduct the surgical procedure (let's call it a "Roundelectomy"), when I looked at things more closely, I realized it just wasn't the right tool for the job because the shaft was too rigid. I simply couldn't get it in the proper position without marring the finish. And when I tried to wrap the tip in some kind of fabric as others had suggested to protect the finish, I found the assembly too large to fit in the small gap between the Roundel and the hood.
I quickly concluded I needed something flat and thin, so I swapped my screwdriver for an old credit/store card which works perfectly!

Step 3: Roundelectomy

The actual procedure for removing the Roundel is simple, if not a bit crude. Find a gap somewhere round the emblem and push your card into the very small gap that exists between the hood and the emblem.
When inserted use a flat head screwdriver to assist while ensuring the card is protecting your bodywork from the tip of the screwdriver.

Once you pry one side of the Roundel up, slide the screwdriver to the 10:30 position and pull upward. Repeat at each location until the emblem pops off its mounts.

Again using the screwdriver as a pry-bar, pull up on the mounting grommets. If they don't come all the way out, use some needle-nose pliers to finish the job. Incidentally, you shouldn't worry about damaging these grommets as you should have two new ones at the ready.

Step 4: Clean & Wax

The area under your Roundel has likely never seen the light of day, though it is routinely exposed to the elements -- dirt and salt among them. This means some cleaning and waxing is in order.

Because my hood had been freshly painted, I found the area pretty clean, but I still used a moist towel to clean the area of some residual polishing compound before applying two coats of synthetic sealant and a top-coat of carnauba wax just to be on the safe side.

Step 5: Install the New Roundel

A full range of fixing grommets can be found here:

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