BMW E46 M3

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BMW E46 M3

About a year ago I swapped my E36 M3 for an E46 M3. I really loved my E36, but I wanted the looks of the E46. Given the prices of the E46 have come down a lot, I felt it was time to make the switch. I bought an Individual (non-standard colour) which had been well looked after with 97k on the clock.
Despite being similar on paper to the E36, the E46 feels significantly different. The ride and handling are more refined and it feels quicker. Also, it looks much more like a performance car then my old E36.
I've done 4k miles in 12 months and the car has performed well. The gearbox and clutch are a bit heavy in traffic, but apart from that it's been perfect. The only area where the E36 performed better is in fuel economy. The E36 would do around 34mpg on a long run, whereas the E46 gets 30mpg.
When driving on the road it's hard to imagine how a car could be better! The steering and balance are fantastic. However, I would like more torque low down. I rarely want more power when I get the chance to open the car up. It goes past 100mph so fast, it's hard to really use the engine.
That's the only down side of these cars. They are so good, so competent, it's hard to find roads which can get the best out of them (legally). It's possible a smaller car might be more fun overall on the road. I know the previous owner of my M3 bought a Z4M and really enjoys it - everything is a bit sharper and more fun.
Still, there's great pleasure in owning an M3 - it's iconic and possibly the best car ever made (for the money). Also, mine still feels in great condition; I can't imagine it felt a lot different with less that 50k on the clock - so I'm driving a £50k car for £8k. Bargain.



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