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I have had three of these bikes in the past few years and to be honest i have never really had any major problem with them they just need to be serviced and have parts changed like any other bike

I think if you buy the right bike to start with then that saves you the hassle or if like me you dont mind gettin the hands a bit oily then you could buy one that is needing a few bits and bobs done to it (like i have just done)

I will try and list the few bad points of a BMW F650 that i have came across ,to be honest they are very similar to any motor bike

The 1st thing to check i would say is the CHAIN AND SPROCKETS ,these bike have a very tourqy engine and are quite sore on the drive gear a decent new set of chain and sprockets will set you back over £100 not somit you wanting to be forking out if you have paid a lot of cash for the bike .There an easy job to do but you may need a chain splitter if you buy a chain with out a soft link

You can just but the sprockets and these can be anything from £10 + for the front and £15 + for the rear for the cheaper after market ones .Try to get a bike with a scottoiler ,these make a mess but look after your chain

Next have a good look at the brake pads and brakes discs making sure there is plenty of life left on both sets,make sure that these Have the proper split pin  in the rod that fixes the pads on   ,pads are not all that exspensive but brake discs can cost a fair few quid .Both callipers should be in good working order ,these are BREMBO units are very good but costly to replace .The front brakes shouls be very sharp and not need much pressure on the lever ,the rear should have a good feel ,also check that the brake light comes on when you pull the front brakes and push the rear brakes .If they dont come on the switch could be broken or the bulb gone if both dont work

Have a good look at the front fork seals and dust caps,if there is sign of leakage then i would be tempted to walk away ,there not a exspensive thing to fix providing the stanchions are in good order but can be a nightmare if not ..Most bike dealers will do the forkseals for around £75 with the parts and believe me its a two hour job for them who have the correct tools etc trying this at home is for the brave only and to buy the bits yourslef could cost up to £50 so i will let you work that out

I find that the fan switch is quite a common failing but cheap fix ,just means on really warm days (yeah when do we get them ) the fan wont cut in ,to check this you have to let the bike sit and warm up the needle should get just over half way and the fan should come on if not the switch is Prob nacked but they only cost about £15,this aint a major problem in our country and the bike keps cool enuff on the move but if you standing in traffic in a warm day it could cause the bike to overheat and warp the head .I ran mine with a cheap switch i got from halfords

I am aware that the head bearings are quite bad on these bikes but to be honest i have never came across it so far ,the test for this is to sit on the bike rock it back and forward with the front brake on and feel/listen for any movement in the head stock or if you ride the bike slow and it feels like its on rails ie does not want to turn .See below regarding head bearing replacment

Well stone the crows ,My f650 is needing new headbearings so i have ordered these at a cost of about £20 for both sets plus the metal plate and seal you need at the bottom of the steering shaft I have got my old bearings off ,took me about 40 mins ,the trick is to get the bikes front end as high as you can ,i jackd the bike using a bit of 4x4 timber about two feet long and stuck axel stands at either side of it then slowly tipped the bike back onto the back wheel ,providing all your bolts come loose easy enuff this head bearing replacement aint to bad if you handy with the spanners its just a matter of taking the front wheel off the caliper ,the speedo cable ,undoing the handle bars ,then loosening the fork clamps and the large blot that hold the crown onremove crown ,then u loosen the large c nut (big circle nut with grooves) then the forks just pull out and you should be able to get at the bearings top and bottom ,you have to knock the shells out ,i used wd40 and a 32mm socket on a old long exstenion and just tapped them out ,bottom 1st then the top one ,the bearing and the seal on the shaft will come out with a bit off hammer and punch upwards .them you just replace the bearings ,bit of a sqeeze to get them in wood and hammer to ease them in gently then cover with loads of  heat proof grease as its the engine oil heating up in the frame that destroys the grease on the bearings ,then just refit the forks crown front wheel ,put bike down on the ground and tigten the c nut finger tight then just a small tighten up and check there is no play or notchy ness ,if its ok build rest of bike up and check a week later after a good run to make sure its ok .get a good f650 manual such as Clymer as there a great help

The another things to check on this bike are the wheels condition ,the wheels on the BMW F650 are bad for corroding ,this makes them look bad but i dont think its affects the overall strength of the wheel .If your buying the older bike then i would expect the wheels to look pretty messy ,there not much you can do i have tried to poish them up and can get a bit of a shine .Of course check the front and rear tyres on the bike these should be good well known make with plenty of tread ,beware of big chunky off road tyres this will mean the bike has been used off road and could mean the bike has been abused and its most likey the off road tyres wont be legal and will make the bike difficult on the roads  

Other than these few things takes the bike for a good long test run ,if you get to where the bike is and the owner has the bike started then switch it off again leave it for about 15 mins and then restart it ,i find if they have to start the bike before you arrive then there is normally somit wrong with it flat battery etc

The F650 is always at its best when its warmed up ,the engine should be tourqy and smooth ,it will vibrate a bit but thats just common with these bikes and the gear box may feel odd to begin with but once the bike is warmed up and you get used to the gear box its fine

Have a good look at the panels on the bike they should be nice and clean with no scrapes or cracks ,the bike should have at least two keys and should come with some service history ,most BMW bike owners have a folder of recipts etc and are quite proud to show it off

Check all the lights etc work ,start the bike up switch on everything you can and let the bike idle ,if the bike cuts out then the battery could be nacked and you will need a new one aroud £30+ 

The rear suspension on these bikes is adjustable ,there is a big knob you turn so many clicks to make it hard and the oppistite way to make it soft ,Give this a good turn it should fell pretty tight , have a good look at the rear shocker for any leaks as again the aint cheap

The seat should be in good order with no tears however you can buy new cover that are easy to fit and not to exspensive ,under the seat shuld be the BMW toolkit with spanners etc for the bike ,if it aint there ask why not ,the spark plug key in the tool kit is very handy as you can get at the inner most plug with out it .

These bikes come with a main stand and side stand ,the side stand is sprung loaded and should go back into place very easily ,the main stand should work well with just you weight pushing it down to get the bike on the stand

The engine on these bike are pretty robust ,look for a bike thats been serviced well and had regular oil changes ,The engine sounds nothing like any jap stuff but are fairly bullet proof ,water pumps are known to fail so check for head gasket leakage and white smoke from the exhaust but saying that i have never came across this yet and you can buy a repair kit for the water pump

The best bike to get is one from an enthuisast ,you will prob find that they are only selling it because they have bought a newer model ,the prices of these bikes are anything from £800 for somit thats gonna need cash spent on it to up to £1500-£1700 for a good tidy example ,you will of course pay more for the newer versions of the bike .Always buy the best bike you can afford, low mileage and good recorded with recipets service history are the ones to go for

Another point ,parts for these bikes differ from one supplier to another ,shop about then check ebay to see if the parts on there cheaper ,i normally try 3 suppliers then try ebay

WEMOTO ,MOTORWORKS,AND MOTOBINS are the 3 i normally try then ebay and to be honest ebay normally wins then motorworks


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