BMW blue smoke on acceleration and bottom end rumble

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Sometimes even we get stumped with a unique problem. Unexplained oil loss is mid size BMWs is one of these. We finally figured out that the mid-size 316 318 320 BMW 4 cylinder petrol engines are very prone to sludge up the crankcase breathers which BMW calls water-separator. So if you have a mid-series BMW that likes to mysteriously drink excessive amounts of oil then please clean or replace the water-seperator before calling us for help. (It is located underneath the throttle body). Apart from the water separator problems we have been able to revitalize thousands of BMWs with a suitable chemical repair and we are pleased to be able to share the following stories with you:

BMW 318i, 1998 - Hi Ros. Fantastic news.Since I put the extra tin of RESTORE and the other bottle of additive (Oil Anti-Leak) in my BMW I have seen a vast improvement. No blue smoke from the exhaust and only a very slight rumble from the bottom end which is much quieter. I shall certainly recommend it to all my contacts in the motor trade. Steve Russell, Leicester - 21 April 2011

BMW 325i - Just to let you know I put AMETECH ENGINE RESTORE in my BMW 325i. I can't believe the difference, it's like driving a different car, better speed and mpg and a lot quicker. Thank you for your good advice. Terry Parr - 8 June 2007

BMW 740 - Thank you, thank you and thank you for your magic advice. I bought a BMW 740 with a bad engine from eBay; it was smoking like an airplane show. I followed your instructions and 5 months later my car is running like new. I travel every weekend about 500 miles running at speed of 90 miles per hour. The engine I bought to replace the existing one still sitting in my warehouse. This is magic. Thank you so much. zcouto (eBay ID) - 26 May 2007

BMW 316, 1999 – Hi, I recently purchased a 400ml can of your product and as requested here is my 500 mile testimony. I recently purchased an accident damaged 1999 316 BMW for winter use, as I am a biker. I had the wing/bumper repaired & painted that only cost £95. The big problem was the engine rattle. On start up the old girl would rattle for about 10 minutes or until fully warm & smoke like it was the smoke machine for a rock band. So 1 wynn’s engine flush later (sorry to mention some one else’s product, but it is the truth of the story) drain & refill with semi synth oil & filter, about £13 for both, followed by a bit of your magic. A 40 mile trip to a concert & still a very loud rattle, my friends a little concerned we may not get home. But on the return journey no rattle (probably the loud music). Next morning, and here’s the thing, instant start up & no rattle or smoke whatsoever. It even seems to crank faster & is so much smoother on tickover. Also, not sure why, but the slight oil leak it had seems to have stopped. So the bottom line – well, I have just turned down £1500, from a friend who has seen the finished article, for my £600 banger! I run a small business & straight after the Christmas rush the vehicles are due a service. I can assure you they will all be getting a can of Ametech & your flush (sorry I did not know you did one when I ordered last time). Cheers. the-memorial-man (eBay ID) - 11 November 2007

Please take the time to talk with us about your seemingly insurmountable engine problems. We wont waste your time and we might save you a lot of hard earned money.

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