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About the Boa Horse Boot

The concept of an equine hoof boot is not new --  Made by EasyCare who have  been manufacturing, testing and actively using hoof boots in extreme situations since the early 1970’s. Over the last thirty years, we’ve seen many hoof boots come and go, and we’ve used and studied them as they arrived. Some of these products have potential and very positive design features, while others don’t.


The Boa Horse Boot™ has been developed, tested and manufactured to improve upon the equine hoof boot concept. EasyCare’s successful history in manufacturing and using hoof boots has given us the experience and knowledge needed to develop the most complete equine hoof boot on the market. The Boa Horse Boot™ is the result.


The Boa Horse Boot™ is the first horse boot to use materials and technology previously found only in modern athletic shoes and snowboard boots. Modern materials and manufacturing techniques, combined with the unique Boa Lacing System™, make the Boa Horse Boot™ the most advanced horse boot ever.


The outside tread pattern of the Boa Horse Boot™ has been designed for traction, yet allows the hoof and lower leg to move after contact with the ground surface. There is a fine line between traction and aggressive traction. Boots or shoes with aggressive traction don’t allow movement of the hoof and lower leg, causing unneeded lower limb stress and injuries. The Boa Horse Boot™ has been designed to provide traction similar to the natural barefoot hoof. Boa Horse Boots™ provide traction without injuries.


The Boa Lacing System™ makes Boa Horse Boots™ easy to put on and take off, and micro adjustments inherent to the closure allow the boot to fit snugly to almost any hoof. Boa Horse Boots™ fit snugly around the hoof and above the hairline without joint interference during motion.


Although Boa Horse Boots™ have many veterinary and medical uses, they should not be used to hold medications or invasive substances. Many of the medicines used to treat hoof ailments will react adversely with Boa Horse Boot™ leathers and the urethane sole.

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