BOURJOIS fake cosmetics on eBay

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I know Christmas is coming up and money is tight - if you really want the quality of Chanel but at a more modest price then buy Bourjois (the sibling company to Chanel) - made in the same factories, similar quality - maybe not the same luxe look but is less likely to be faked. This reviewer made me want to highlight the fact that, unfortunately, even cheaper brands of cosmetics are being sold on ebay. Some unscrupulous sellers are now distributing even fake Bourjois cosmetics which may harm your health due to the carcinogen ingredients they contain.

I bought a set of 12 Bourjois mascaras from UKAURORA (a power seller who has been trading for 5 years!!) It was a bargain and I thought, Christmas is coming, I could re-sell a few back on ebay and give away a few to my friends as well as keeping one for myself. The double ended mascara/eyeliner looked genuine, all packed in their individual boxes. I tried one out but the strong smell was very similar to... crude oil. The texture was thick and unpleasant and I decided to sell them a few back on ebay as planned.

A few days after I listed the Bourjois mascara, eBay contacts me to let me know my account was being suspended due to a breach of copyright / trademark infringement with the following statement:  Your account was suspended for listing potentially infringing items. 260072591436 - BOURJOIS Paris 2-in-1 Mascara Eyeliner -You can read eBay's potentially infringing items policies and learn about how eBay works with intellectual property owners at the following eBay Help pages.

After a long battle to have my eBay account re-instated and trying to explain to ebay that I bought the items I thought to be genuine (I used them myself!) from a  so-called trusted Power Seller - and that they should open an investigation. To this day seller ukaurora is still openly selling wholesale fake cosmetics on ebay. It is quite evident that eBay board members are more interested in the profit they make from these types of sellers, regardless of the potentially dangerous and carcinogen cosmetics which are being sold on the online market. One thing I have learnt: If it is too good to be true... you can be almost certain it is a fake. Think before buying online.Always check in a shop the look, smell, packaging and price of cosmetics before risking your health on cheap products.

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