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I've had many spirited conversations with quite a few of my Ebay friends on what is a better way to list an item on Ebay.  I'm going to give you my personal opinion based on quite a few years of experience as well as the opinions of my fellow Ebayers who are all very successful and have a different viewpoint.  Perhaps this will help you in deciding on how you want to list your next item. 

First, let's discuss the Buy It Now option that is available to you on Ebay.  This Buy It Now or better known as the BIN feature allows you to set the price you want for an item straight out.  Ebayers who look at your item will know right away the price you are asking for your item as it's clearly in black and white and your buyer can easily click the BIN button on your auction and purchase it straight out.  Some interested buyers might decide to forgo the BIN and will simply put your item on their watch to see what happens or might have a like item and they are curious to see if you sell it for the price asked, and others will just look and that's all.  If you decide to do the BIN think long and hard on the price you are asking.  My rule of thumb, if I do a BIN and 50 people have looked at it and it hasn't sold yet then it's priced a little too high. Start looking at auctions with a BIN that have sold and you will see this is true, most of the time it's sold by 35 people looking at it.

 Do your research

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