BUY a Car on EBAY - The Ebay Bargain Car Guide

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How to BUY A CAR ON EBAY and not pay over the odds or get ripped off

The Ebay Bargain Car Guide

"Find low mileage cheap cars at bargain prices fast on eBay"

This guide is a result of too many hours spending on eBay motor auctions. I've found some bargains with these eBay searches that saved my time and money. The searches here are very general; you can drill these down the usual way by adding the colour, mileage etc to the search. The better you make your search the better to value an item


  • Search Plus - save time
  • Browse Like This! -
  • How to Bag a Bargain Car & not get Cheated
  • Reduce risk - bargain buying top tips
  • Searches that Save you Time and Money - Need a car fast?
  • Bargain Research - things to do BEFORE YOU BID
  • Recently Listed BARGAIN
  • TOP TIP - save your searches, set up ebay search alerts
  • Handing the money over / Walk Away

Search Plus

If you’re looking for a cheap car such as a golf chances are there will be damaged and salvage cars in the results. In the ebay search box type “golf –damaged –salvage” it won’t 100% clean up the result but it helps.
Remember to use the SAVE SEARCH into your ebay favourite so later you have them close to hand.

Browse Like This!

I've found the best way to view cars is by quickly scanning prices and pictures in your browser, right click on the item link and open in new tab. This works for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Once you have 5 or so take the time to carefully read the listings, many you will instantly dismiss and those that catch your eye add to you watch list.

How to Bag a Bargain Car & not get cheated

Normal ebay rules apply check the seller feedback, have you read the ad correctly plus? When hunting for a bargain car you can reduce the risk of being 'lemoned ' by making sure it's what you expect when you arrive email or better still call the seller. Make sure to price compare and really drill it down on the detail.

Reduce risk - bargain buying top tips

  1. CHECK where the item is located. Your travel costs could considerably add to the final price
  2. SHY? -not! Ask questions use the email seller feature
  3. PHONE the seller most leave a mobile number. Are they cagey?
  4. GET more photo's, have they missed anything get more pics.
  5. COMPARE prices, make sure to use the completed items search, target your search & rerun the search with the "completed items" toggle to research prices.

It's worth remembering that BUY IT now can end in minutes of being posted, some times you have to jump in to snatch that bargain. So make sure to at least call the seller first, reassure yourself before taking the leap. Often paypal deposits are not refundable especially if you back out because the item is not as described - if you use the tips above you shouldn't face this problem.

Searches to save time and money. Need a car fast?

If you need a car urgently then try these searches; this searches buy it nows in your area within a price range. BUY IT NOW is off the peg and meaning no mincing around with biding. So you want a car fast, try this?

Enter your location (search options)
Less than £1500 (your price)
Mileage (this is the one to have a play with) if your looking for a bargain.

This one’s looks for ending auctions in the area around your postcode vary the mileage options and watch the numbers of items listed

Enter your location (control your travel distance, local or national etc)
Less than (your price)
Mileage less than 50,000 (change this note the numbers of listing)
Adjusted the time ending to soonest (you’ll find what's being sold in the next few hours)

Making sure it's a bargain.
The Completed Items box displays recent sales prices of your search. Make sure to really drill down on the detail, for example if you interested in a VW golf mk2 gate with 50,ooo miles, run this search and then tick completed items.

At the time of writing I found 19 current and 395 completed items for golf, 19 of those where black. The further you hone you search the better to make a comparison to completed items.

Remember these are not like for like comparisons, they give a ball park range. Many things influence price but ultimately it how many people are interested.

Recently listed Bargains
The best way to snag a bargain is to find undervalued BUY IT NOWs, once you have set you search up use the sort column for recently listed items. If you use the distance from your postcode you can get an ebay alert, or save your search on recent listings in your area by car and price.

Seller ads that list too cheap will not be there long,  make sure the item is genuine by email and / or phone. Scrutinise it! Approximate its value by switching to the completed items view and get the ball park range. The danger is with overexcitement you bid without checking the value first and realise it’s not the bargain you where looking for or you misread the listing and get a carrot, so be careful.

TOP TIP - Save your searches

Now you've tuned your search, make sure to use the save search located beside the search box.  This tip will save you EBAY hours, set the email alerts function to get the latest updates. Alerts can be set for a specified time period, be sparing these can jam your inbox especially if your choose not to use the daily summary (depends how fast you need to know).

Using the RECENTLY listed checkbox to modify the search to sort "recently listed items" now get the latest listings first, view new items and snag  cheap BUY IT NOWS (be careful to read the ad), set this search to send you an alert and you can track anything (top tip for traders).

Handing the Money Over / Walk Away

Make sure to contact the seller via ebay, offer a deposit and the balance on collection. You can buy blind but do the research first and ask the right questions, get an HPI check. Do not send the whole amount instead use a small deposit with the promise of settling on inspection etc. PAYPAL can only stop the transaction within 5 days so if you do pay this way make sure you less than five days to pick up.

I've written this guide because I'm a banger lover! In writing I've seen some real low mileage one owner stamped up bargains, future classics maybe.
The higher the items value and the lower the seller feedback are your best means to screen out bad sellers. Feedback less than 90% is a worry. Feedback of -1 etc is good reason to ignore, If you really must proceed because it's the only one and you really want it, proceed extremely carefully (use lots of emails to clarify everything and invest the time in checking up).

If it comes to walking away and getting a negative with ebay DO SO. Chances are for you to do (as your are a serious ebayer) is that the item is "not as described" then you shouldn't get a negative anyway. We all make mistakes and that small unmentioned rust patch could be a mistake on the sellers part, allows you to walk away, as not as described alternatively knock money of the agreed price OUTLINING the reason.

If you paying cash take a friend and at the very least let a family member know when you are going and who your meeting & their contact number.

 Remember on ebay higher value items are riskier,
as they carry more incentive to cheat.

  • If the seller wants deposits to foreign accounts walkaway.
  • Full Cash settlement into bank accounts before collection walkaway, offer a deposit.
  • Weird elaborate complex payment processes (my cousin type scams)
  • Use a paypal deposit, some protection but it's not bullit proof.
  • The more money you spend the more research and dilligence you should invest.

Lastly, don't be the lawyer I know who paid £12,000 cash to a foreign bank account for a car on ebay
and got NOTHING. The car was even relisted the following week. You've been warned.

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