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It seems there are quite a few people out there who expect.......WAY TOO MUCH when it comes to buying "second hand" or "used" items from Ebay now.  What started off as a buyer being happy for a 2nd hand dress which is clearly listed as such ends up with comments about "not what i expected" and "postage seemed high"......this is AFTER they have bid on the item, never asked any questions prior to bidding and then MOAN about your postage cost.  I live in a semi-rural village, i HAVE TO DRIVE everywhere, which incurs fuel costs, which unfortunately i HAVE to include in my postal rates otherwise i would be clearly out of pocket.  If people can't or wont' understand this -then why bother buying when postage is clearly stated in listing to start with?? If i am looking at  an item and think the postage is high or i can't or don't want to pay what they're asking...THEN I DON'T BID IN THE FIRST PLACE AND MOAN AFTERWARDS!!!!!!!  What really narks me is the fact that BUYERS alone think they are exempt from asking a "seller a question" which i thought was to ensure that you know exaclty what you are buying.....but all the emphasis is on the sellers.  Ebay seem to back Buyers all the way and don't actually care that they will often lean towards the Buyer, even when there are a lot of "grey areas".

I for one have no faith in Ebay any more.......everyone out there expects any listing to start at 99p which isn't viable and shouldn't be expected for any item you are selling.  There are far more productive ways to sell your stuff and to list it for free!

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