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Like most buyers on eBay I don’t mind spending a few pounds speculatively on things that look a bargain, we all do, or we wouldn't use eBay. However buying a car is a bit different - you look at the prices on eBay and think “bargain!” but do you know this for sure? What is the car really like - is it as described, or is it perhaps too good to be true? When, like me, you are spending eleven grand, it is scary.

I wanted a bargain, but a bit of reassurance - too much reassurance would mean a dealer on eBay and hence a hike in price, but then I discovered UKAutoSite. Their adverts were brilliant, including HPI report, inspection report with everything you could want to know, so I contacted their customer account dept who were extremely helpful, this gave me the confidence to buy, so I pressed the button.

Following purchase the professionalism and courtesy of a good company kicks in, everything is slick and silky smooth, all the instructions, directions, everything, they even planned my journey to collect. On collection the site manager was great - look around, test drive - everything you need to gain the reassurance that it was eleven grand well spent.

I have had the car a few weeks now and it is as described, it does exactly what it says on the tin! I love the car, the transaction couldn't have been better, and the customer service was the best I have experienced. So if you are like me and find buying something the size of a car a bit scary then please go with UKAutoSite, they provide a much better service and quality of support than most dealers and the cars are trade price, so go on - press the button

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