BUYING A GOPED! avoid cheap chinese stuff!!!

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hi there, if your thinking about buying a go-ped (stand on scooter). take the time to research what your buying. there are many fakes of go-peds, made in china and often sold as the real thing!

The most common of these offenders is the CHROME G-SCOOTER. take a good hard look at one

The overall construction is very poor, the frame is welded up crap and they break easily, the bars are week at the holding joint, the throttle cables snap with ease, brakes sieze up after light use, suspention on the front tends to fall to one side. engines perform stupidly for their displacement and are of a poor design, copys of a mitsubishi bushcutter motor...

there are many other faults, also the list goes on... viper f50, big boss, razorfish etc, theyre all made in china and will fall apart.

the proper go-ped brand is an american made product, theyve been going for more than 20 years. the thing that puts a lot of people off is the pricing of go-peds (they start at £300 for a basic 'sport' model) and the lack of features they tend to have in comparison with chinese rivals.

while gopeds are expensive it is possible to pick them up cheap second hand, between 70-150 for a good sturdy ped. plus gopeds have a great variety of aftermarket parts available and IT WILL LAST even with hard riding.

although chinese scooters have loads of add on features theyre not worth it..., ill do a simple comparison...

     G-scooter                                   go-ped bigfoot

engine: 43cc mitsubishi clone     japanese zenoah 22.5cc g23-lh

brakes: disc brakes fr/rear             front disc brake and engine compression

suspention: chrome (easy rust) f/r  none

the mitsubisi clone is made from monkey metal, and is of a poor design, when it should easily kill a g23lh due to the displacement advantage it barely beats it on top speed, but an lh has more torque. this is also assisted by the fact that the clutches arent set up properly on g-scooters and bite too early.

the brakes on a bigfoot are satisfactory, can stop you... g-scooter brakes have a nasty habit of pads wearing down with ease, and guess what? noone sells replacement pads!, also the mechanisms tend to rust.

suspention is generally unnecessary on a go-ped, it doesnt serve a purpose on a g-scooter, except add weight, it has no travel on the rear shock and the front has no damping, just bare springs, which tend to stick at an angle, affecting handling.

try having a search on ebay, and i can guaruntee you could find a 5 or more year old go-ped in reasonable conditon, thats working, try finding a 5 year old g-scooter? the most theyll be is 6 months old and in need of attention...


take this into consideration before you buy


and happy pedding!


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