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hello, dont be fooled when buying a hd tv or dvd you must look out as there are 100s of retailers that

wont explain the truth about high definition.

ok let me start hd has different formats

for example when buying a dvd player you can choose to have blu-ray or hddvd

but when it comes to buying a tv things get a bit more difficult than that

ok there are hd ready tv's ?

and now hd1080p tv's

to get the most out of the high definition experience you will need a full hd1080p tv

not a tv with the hd ready logo a tv of this kind can only give you a max resolution of 720/1080i

i stands for interlaced

p stands for progressive

but wait dont think for a minute that you can watch tv at 1080p through an aerial or freeview

you will need a device such as a blu ray player/ps3 to have connected to your full hd1080p tv to get the full results

one thing to look out for is cheap dvd players that offer a hdmi connection for hd this is not true

all this does is enables you to plug into the hdmi connection of your tv, you will not be able to play hd dvd's just standard dvd's that are upscaled to 720i or 1080i

so if your thinking of going HD then remember to get a true hd tv it must be printed on the tv "1080p"

if it does not then it isnt

if your buying a dvd it must say "hddvd or blu ray" not upto 1080i

if you have any questions please ask dont be ripped off if its hd your after then thats what you sould get

you pay for it therefore you get the service and product you ask for


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