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hiya i believe in trying to help fellow ebayers , hence why i have written so many guides etc , its a minefield on ebay and iam just trying to make it a bit easier to get that smooth transaction that you logged in for , this paticulaur guide is about a seller called ecell or e-cell

they are not just an ebay company but a general company with their own website and what they claim to be massive warehouses etc                 this is their ebay shop

please avoid this seller at all costs ive used them to buy a n82 mobile phone , it took 29 days to turn up , they hung up on me when i tryed to ring them , they stopped awnswering my emails , i had to take a paypal claim up to get them to speak to me , then finally my n82 turnt up , only for me to realise it was indeed a hong kong model which nokia told me would not be covered by my eu warranty due to it having a hong kong product code

so the 285 pound handset which took 29 days to turn up has no warranty even though it was supposed to have 2 year warranty due to it being a nseries handset , as you can imagine i was quite mad about this

i was mad as they had advertised the item as being instock in manchester , well 29 days to essex from manchester is a very long time did the postman walk from his warehouse lol , then there is the fact the handset was never advertised as being a hong kong model without eu warranty which i was majorly annoyed about , then there is their non exsistent custmoer services which told me i would loose the first 30 pounds of my money if i sent it back and it would have to be sent back speacial delivery and it would take me 2 weeks to get my money back i couldnt believe it 2 weeks to get my money back and after postage i would be nearly 40 pounds out off pocket

i decided to keep the handset and hope it didnt break which the lcd screen allready has , no cracks or anything it has just stopped switching on , is it because it was a cheap hong kong variant of the phone i dont know , it was a genuine n82 but maybe it was a refurbbed hong kong model the box certainly looked like it had been through several owners and travelled half way across the world

if buying an exspensive handset like this just buy it from nokia or a actual shop you can go back to ecell wont help you once they have your money they dont care and will send you a item that wasnt intended for this market so you wont have warranty on it anyways

look at their feedback all their negatives come from high price items , they seem to be able to send the cheap ones out quickly but obvously all the gadgets like mobiles , game consoles etc are imported from china and hong kong even though they advertise all their items as being in stock in manchester

please please please just avoid the seller if you are buying a high price item look elsewhere

above is a general discussion in a forum about this seller iam not the only one so be carefull

if you found this helpfull please vote for it so it shows up when people do searches through ebay or google as people need to know about this shody company before they make their purchase


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